We contracted with Signa to provide ‘in-house’ technical expertise to review existing, and plan future, networks. Over the last year this has paid dividends as we have upgraded existing networks to get the most out of them, built new efficient networks and been able to provide an improved service to our customers. This has given us the confidence to expand into larger territories in a more planned and efficient way.

Continuing to work with Signa, we are now able to roll out a long-term realistic expansion plan and are looking forward to what the next 12 months will bring.

Paul Atkins
Sales Director

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As Beeline Broadband rapidly expands its high-speed network coverage and subscriber base, Signa has provided us with invaluable resources and timely technical know-how to ensure that our growth is sustainable and properly managed. As a result, our customers remain delighted with the efficiency of our installations as well as the fantastic speed and reliability of their new broadband connections.

Glenn Garrett
Technical Director


Working with Signa, we have been able to assess and update our core network and added backhaul capacity to improve our service.  Utilising Signa’s experience we’ve also planned, implemented and tested some new technologies, which will help to keep our network up-to-date.  Thanks to our continued working partnership, Clannet is able to pass on these benefits to their customers and ensure the continued growth of the company.

It’s great to be able to call on Signa’s extensive technical  and up-to-date radio experience, they get the job done, quickly and efficiently and the results we are seeing are truly outstanding.

Nick Hall
Managing Director


Moorsweb strives to make the most of what we have in our rural communities; to this end we are constantly monitoring and assessing our internet network.  Signa have provided us with an objective network report for our internal audit purposes, which will help us plan future network upgrades.  Signa have also helped us to increase our network capacity through spectrum planning and many other  aspects of network design and implementation, and we look forward to working with Signa in the future to continue making the network something our community is proud of.

Barry Sunley

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